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Kevin loved supporting Australian musicians

Posted on September 18 2021

Kevin Somers as we all know had a real connection to Music!
Honouring what Kevin started we’d like to let you know Smooth As continues supporting and sponsoring up and coming Musicians with shirts as Kevin did with Bradley Button - also now Smooth As Marketing Manager & Web Designer - who is still lucky enough to be out there regularly gigging around Brisbane where there is currently no lockdown!
Plus, Smooth As is really excited to announce Brad’s latest release single ‘Sailor Cap’ which we’ve also proudly sponsored the recording of as it epitomises the meaning of living the Smooth Life - find it on Spotify at link below:
Brad has been writing and dabbling in his own recordings since he was just 15, fronted a band briefly in South Australia and then worked his butt off to take himself solo into the studios back in 2015, before meeting his partner and getting out gigging and wedding singing as a duo.
In 2019 Brad officially released his first album ‘Half Done’ to great reviews and it has even reached the ears of some on foreign shores. You can check out all of his work at Bradley Button Music
Smooth As is also pleased to introduce you to another local NSW artist whose been supplied with Somersberry shirts:
Ben Whiting, who Don Button spotted busking in the streets of Melbourne a few years back and instantly found rapport with his music, bought his CD and played it over and over familiarising himself with the tunes and discovering favourites.
You can imagine how rapt Don was to find Ben had relocated to his origins of Northern NSW and was playing locally and of course had to go see him live & offer him the chance to wear the Somersberry brand!
Unfortunately, due to lockdown Ben hasn’t yet had a chance to play too many gigs wearing his Somersberry shirts but you can check out some great shots via his Instagram page @benwhiting
So, we’re supporting Live Music - this industry is doing it tough like so many at the moment - let us know if you spot these guys wearing the Somersberry Brand, we’d love to hear your feedback.
And don’t forget you can still order YOUR Somersberry Shirts via website
Team Smooth As
Incorporating Somersberry 😊


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